Performance Eyes Kit

Rp 1.100.000

  • The Performance Eyes™ Kit was designed to allow the precise application of liquid, cream and powder products onto defined areas of the eyes. Essential to creating elaborate looks, the Performance Eyes Kit is a must for advanced makeup artistry. Free two year warranty! ​
    Brushes Included:

    • E11 – Eye Liner: Use with gel or cream liner to create detailed and artistic effects.
    • E16 – Tightline Liner: Press gel, cream or liquid products onto the upper lash line. Fill in the space between lashes.
    • E17 – Waterline Liner: Apply cream or gel liners onto the lower waterline.
    • E21 – Smudge: Precise application and smudging of color onto the upper and lower lash lines.
    • E36 – Blending: Precise blending of powder products onto small areas of the eye.
    • E46 – Shader – Inner Corner: Apply highlight shades onto the inner corner of the ey
    • E47 – Shader – Crease: Application of deep shades onto the crease.
    • E56 – Shader – Lid: Controlled application of color onto precise areas of the lid.
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